Cats often appear indifferent toward their owners. It’s almost as though they have their own agenda. The truth is, it’s not just an act of ignoring their human companions — they actually don’t care.

One of our team members here at Diabetic Outlet, whom I am very suspicious of, believes “dogs are created to remind humans they are not the center of the universe. Cats, on the other hand, are created to remind us that cats are the center of the universe.” I was under the dining table in the break room when he proudly voiced his opinion about cats. Of course everybody cheered saying “I could not agree more.”

Anyway, the point is not that I don’t care about this guy. It is that dogs are truly human lovers – they care about you. Have you heard that old saying “give a dog a hot dog and they will love you for ever?” I think that’s true. I have seen it with my own eyes.

Apart from being great companions, dogs commonly perform as hunters, herders, and protectors for humans. Also, who hasn’t been impressed by the keenly intelligent and well mannered seeing eye dogs? But how many people know about the amazing diabetic alert dogs?

Diabetic Alert Dogs

Diabetic alert dogs can detect the scent emitted when glucose levels fluctuate. Trained to serve people of all ages affected by diabetes, these pooches can alert their human companions in advance of low or high sugar, so they can take proper steps to return their glucose levels to normal.

In any diabetic events that may occur during rapid changes in blood sugar levels, these dogs are trained to notify their owners in different ways. Depending on how they are taught, they may sit and stare at the person, touch the person with their nose, or jump up on them.

Having such a dog around means a lot to people with diabetes. It means more independence, more outdoors, and a higher quality of life.

In order to appreciate their service, I would like to to give a shout out to these canines, and say “thank you for being a life savor.” Thanks to your ever-lasting unconditional care, living an active life as a diabetic is easier than before. Thank you for being a great companion when diabetes care gets overwhelming and boring.

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