Perhaps it’s that time of the month when you review your glucose testing supply list. As you count your glucose test strips, lancets, insulin syringes, pen needles, alcohol prep pads, and other diabetes supplies, you wonder if there is a way to save on your lancets. You need a new lancet every time you test your glucose levels. You have always looked for ways to save on your glucose test strips, so why not do the same for your lancets?

It’s fairly common to spend hours searching online for deals on glucose test strips in order to reduce the cost of diabetes management, but how many of us actually spend enough time seeking out affordable lancets?

Use Universal Lancets to Save Money

One way to save money on your diabetic lancets is to stop buying brand name lancets. It seems that most lancets are made fairly in the same way. They do the same job; they lance your fingers.

Most brand name lancets share the same features as universal lancets although some brand lancets have additional features which rely on their compatible lancing device. In fact, it’s the lancing device that makes the difference, not the lancets. Universal, generic lancets are often as sharp, thin, and easy-to-use as brand name lancets.

Universal Lancets at Diabetic Outlet

(8) $7.99 or subscribe and save 10%
(7) $5.79 or subscribe and save 10%
(3) $6.99 or subscribe and save 10%
(2) $6.99 or subscribe and save 5%
(2) $5.99 or subscribe and save 5%
(18) $5.69$6.99 or subscribe and save 5%
$5.99 or subscribe and save 10%
$5.99 or subscribe and save 5%
$4.99 or subscribe and save 5%

Try them for yourself

The key is to find the universal lancet that fits you. Simply try them and see which one works for you. Because universal lancets are often much more affordable than brand lancets, you can try different brand to figure out which one works best for you.

Three Reasons Why You Should Try Universal Lancets

Most people use brand name lancets because they come with their glucose meter kit. They will then continue to regularly buy brand name lancets separately at their local pharmacy or online, therefore missing out on potential savings.

Here are three reasons why you should try universal lancets:

  1. They are cheaper
  2. They do the same job; they prick your finger or palm
  3. They fit almost all lancing devices

Universal lancets have the same fine point tip and are just as easy to grip as brand name lancets. If you don’t use specific lancing devices that require their own lancets, it’s a good idea to try universal lancets. Don’t pay extra just for brand names.

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