When Kris Maynard had an urgent low on a camping trip, it left his family scrambling to try to save his life. When the EMT’s arrived, they revived him in minutes by simply placing some glucose gel into his mouth, saving his life. After this costly experience, Maynard set out to create the only wearable aid that carries fast-acting priority glucose gel in a medical alert necklace.

Thrive Oral Glucose Gel Necklace is the most innovative, convenient, and easy-to-use blood glucose revival product on the market. The necklace securely tightens around your neck, and in one swift pull, it will magnetically disconnect. To dispense the gel into the mouth, open the ends of the necklace and squeeze.

This product is reusable and refillable, can save you thousands in medical bills, and can be used for mild, moderate, and severe low blood sugars.

Ease the Mind of Family and Friends

If you know a loved one who is diabetic, you have probably felt the stress and anxiety from worrying about their blood glucose levels. It makes events like going to the beach, hiking, or swimming sometimes more anxiety driven than it needs to be. Having a wearable device that can revive someone with hypoglycemia takes that stress and anxiety away, only leaving you to enjoy your day.

Thrive Glucose gel necklace for diabetes

No Expensive Hospital Visits

Spending money on an ambulance can be thousands of dollars, and the risk of making that
unthinkable phone call can be significantly decreased by wearing the Thrive Oral Glucose Gel
Necklace. This gel holds the same amount of carbs (15g) that EMT’s are admitted to give out,
which is the same amount that’s recommended by the National Diabetes Association to treat
low blood sugar. Being 1/10 the cost of glucagon, this life saving necklace is the difference
between an unsafe emergency, and having everything you need to treat low blood sugar

Perfect for all ages

This necklace can be worn by people of all ages. Its simple design stands out just enough with its blue circle which is the symbol indicating diabetes. If you have a stubborn child that won’t eat or drink anything if they’re low, this is a great alternative that offers a quick solution. If you are elderly, this saves the risk of having to get up and move to your stash of treats and risk falling. This necklace can be carried with you at all times for easy and accessible use.

thrive glucose gel necklace for active diabetics Thrive glucose gel necklace for kids

Perfect for Athletes

If you’re an athlete with type 1 diabetes, you understand how treating a low blood sugar during a game can be frustrating with “everyone’s eyes on you”. This is a discrete way to treat low blood sugar if you are competing in any sport. Baseball players can wear it in the outfield, Soccer players can wear it on the field, Hockey players can wear it on the ice, and basketball players can wear it on the court. This can help athletes focus more on the game, resulting in better performance and more fun.

Thrive glucose gel necklace for athletes

The Thrive Oral Glucose Gel Necklace stands as the most innovative, convenient, and easy-to-use blood glucose revival product on the market. Perfect for people of all ages, it offers a quick and easy solution to treating low glucose levels, without the risk of calling an ambulance for assistance. The product is changing how athletes manage their diabetes during a sporting event, and overall helping a community of diabetes better manage their lives.


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