Purchasing glucose test strips used to be easy; there was only a few brands of test strips in the market and they were fairly equal in performance and price. You drove to your local pharmacy and picked a box of test strips off the shelve; it was that easy.

Then you heard a whisper that there are other brands that are just as good and less expensive. So, you decided to find out what those were; maybe you could switch to one of those test strips to save money. You began researching online, and you were immediately shocked; oh my gosh – there are so many test strip brands! Where did all these test strips come from? (free enterprise)

Yes, thanks to the freedom of private companies to operate competitively, we have several different brands of glucose test strips. Existing manufacturers of test strips are constantly working to enhance their products by incorporating new technologies into the next generation test strips. At the same time new companies are emerging with test strips that are more affordable and feature new benefits.

The Choice Is Unlimited and the Decision Is Difficult

The diversity of test strips, despite all of it’s advantages, has created a new problem called “too many choices.” But don’t jump into conclusion quickly. There is a solution for that: it’s called “Reviews and Ratings”

Reviews and ratings are popular tools to support buying decisions of consumers. They are generated by the users and published online to provide others with a reliable source of information for their buying decision. If a glucose test strip has good reviews, there is a good chance that it’s reliable.

We have all searched online for test strip reviews before purchasing and we have shared our experiences online after purchasing a test strip. It’s quite useful to have someone else’s perspective when it comes to choosing a glucose test strip. But there is no way of knowing if those test strip reviews are true. So what do you do? Well, you need to find a place that features verified reviews – reviews generated by verified owners of the test strips.

The key to a successful selection of a glucose test strip is genuine reviews. Reviews and ratings generated by verified owners provide you with the best source of information for determining the right test strip for you. Nothing beats the true experience of a user who actually purchased the test strips and used them for glucose monitoring at home.

Diabetic Outlet is a great source to find genuine test strip reviews. Reviews and ratings are verified before they are published. The website features verified test strip reviews such as follow:

OneTouch Ultra Test Strip Reviews | Abbott FreeStyle Lite Test Strip ReviewsAbbott FreeStyle Insulinx Test Strip ReviewsAbbott Precision Xtra Test Strip ReviewsArkray GlucoCard Vital Test Strip ReviewsArkray GlucoCard Expression Test Strip ReviewsBayer Contour Test Strip ReviewsBayer Contour NEXT Test Strip ReviewsBayer Breeze2 Test Strip ReviewsNipro TrueTest Test Strip ReviewsNipro TrueTrack Test Strip ReviewsNipro TrueBalance Test Strip ReviewsEasyTouch Test Strip ReviewsEasyTouch HealthPro Test Strip Reviews | Accu-Chek Compact Plus Test Strip ReviewsAccu-Chek Aviva Plus Test Strip ReviewsAccu-Chek SmartView Plus Test Strip ReviewsProdigy No Coding Test Strip ReviewsAdvocate Redi-Code Test Strip ReviewsUniStrip1 Test Strip ReviewsOmnis Embrace Test Strip ReviewsFora Premium V10 Test Strip Reviews | Nova Max Test Strip Reviews

When evaluating a test strips, users often share their experiences in form of a review and/or rating. But what’s the difference between a test strip review and a test strip rating?

What’s A Test Strip Review?

A test strip review is a textual review posted by a user who aims to evaluate a particular test strip. A test strip review is generated to: (1) describe a user’s experience with a test strip, (2) explain the advantages and/or disadvantages of a test strip, or (3) share recommendations regarding the use of a test strip.

What’s A Test Strip Rating?

A test strip raring, on the other hand, represents the user’s opinion on a special scale, typically 1 to 5. It’s a quick visual representation of a textual review. The most common way to present test strip raring is the star-rating, where more stars indicate higher ratings.

test strip reviews verified

To help customers make informed decisions Diabetic Outlet offers quantitative ratings and textual reviews for glucose test strips. And to keep the reviews authentic and reliable to the users, Diabetic Outlet verifies the owners.

Diabetes Test Strips Available At Diabetic Outlet Store

Disclaimer. The content, information, and links on this page are intended for informational and educational purposes only, and does NOT constitute any medical professional advice.

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