For Healthcare Professionals in multi-patient settings

The True Metrix Pro is a professional blood glucose monitoring system made specifically for use in clinical multi-patient healthcare environments such as doctor’s offices, clinics, hospitals, and any professional healthcare setting. It delivers fast, accurate results from fingertip or forearm capillary blood samples or from venous samples if drawn from a sodium heparin tube and used within 30 minutes of drawing the blood.

Multi-patient testing

Though one meter can be assigned per each patient, it can be used for multiple patients at the point of care. If this is the case, the manufacturer recommends that the meter is disinfected following each use to minimize risk transmission of blood-borne pathogens. The meter can be cleaned with sani-wipes and as long as it is allowed to air-dry in between, it is perfectly safe to reuse on another patient following the disinfection process.

Non-coding meter

True Metrix Pro is a non-coding meter system, meaning there is no need to code the meter each time a new box of test strips is opened. Codes are assigned when the meter is manufactured and coincides with the codes on the test strips. When the test strip is inserted for testing, the meter will read the code on the test strip; the two components work together in order to deliver fast, accurate results.

Highly accurate results

The True Metrix Pro blood glucose monitor has a range of features that are designed to make testing more accurate. Once a sample is introduced to the meter, the system triggers proper fill detection, which eliminates errors that are the result of an inadequate sample size.

Its ability to detect temperature and hematocrit further supports accuracy as testing outside the recommended ranges will result in an error code. The meter employs a proprietary adaptive algorithm which corrects for hematocrit and compensates for environmental factors (temperature) which ensures accuracy and confidence in testing results.

Multi-patient use and tracking results

Though the True Metrix Pro can store up to 500 results in its memory, this feature may not be suitable in multi-patient environments. Most clinics use an external documentation system to track their patients’ progress over time, but True Metrix Pro also comes with proprietary software that can be used for this purpose.

Called TRUEmanager Diabetes Management Software, the professional version supports single or multiple users in a clinical environment. The multi-user version of the software easily integrates and exchanges data with electronic health records (EHRs) or other medical data management systems. This organizational feature helps makes the True Metrix Pro an easy choice for busy care facilities who are looking for a dependable way to test and track patients’ blood glucose over time.

True Metrix Pro Supplies

The True Metrix Pro system uses True Metrix Pro test strips exclusively. True Metrix Pro test strips are made especially for use in multi-patient, professional care environments. They feature advanced sensing technology to adjust for temperature and other environmental factors to ensure accuracy.

Three control solutions are also available for high, medium, and low control testing.


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