TRUEbalance Discontinued, Switch to True Metrix

The Nipro TrueBalance blood glucose monitoring system has officially been discontinued. While the meter is discontinued, the manufacturer will supply a limited amount of test strips for the users who want to continue to use the TrueBalance system. It is unknown how long these test strips will be produced for. Nipro is asking its users to switch to the True Metrix glucose meter kit, which has everything you need to try out the system before switching.

Truebalance test strips are available while supplies last.

What is the True Metrix Glucose Meter Kit?

True Metrix is an easy-to-use self-monitoring blood glucose meter with advanced event tags that helps users make the connection between personal lifestyle and results. True Metrix provides this information to help users make informed decisions in order to actively and effectively manage their diabetes.

True Metrix is all about true performance. The meter is fast when it comes to delivering results. It requires a tiny blood sample – 0.5 microliter – and returns reliable glucose readings as fast as 4 seconds.

(88) $15.99 or subscribe and save 10%

Event Tagging

Event tagging helps identify trends associated with blood glucose results. With event tagging, you can make the connection between personal lifestyle and results. This means that with different events like before and after meals or exercise, you can tag to discuss with your health care professionals how your body reacted to those events to better adjust your diabetes management.

Data Management Capabilities

True Metrix is capable of storing 500 readings including its date/time. It can also average your blood glucose levels on a 7-, 14-, and 30-day range. This data is important for your health care providers to know so they can have a holistic view of your numbers, and adjust your management plan if needed.

Strip Release Button

The strip release button eliminates the handling of your used test strips after testing. This button is located under the screen, and once pressed, your used test strip will fall out of the system into the trash. This is a great feature if you are someone taking care of a family member or friend who has diabetes for not only sanitation purposes, but for proper disposal, as well.

Black Soft-Touch

The True Metrix has a soft touch and special coating for an easy grip of the meter, making it simple to handle. The meter can also fit easily into your purse or pocket for accessible travel.

The performance of the True Metrix meter is above and beyond most leading brands for an unbeatable value. When you combine its proven accuracy with the ability to save you money True Metrix is the best value. If you would like to make the switch, start here.

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