According to Trividia Health, TRUEplus® pen needles received a score of 10 Out of 10 in Laboratory Testing and have been tested in conformance with ISO 11609-02.

TRUEplus are sterile, single-use pen needles intended to be used with a pen injector device for the subcutaneous injection of insulin. TRUEplus pen needles are high quality pen needles suitable for all home injection needs. TRUEplus feature a variety of great advantages over other insulin pen needle brands. They are silicone coated for extra comfort, sharp and latex free.

TRUEplus Insulin Pen Needles 100 count box

The TRUEplus insulin pen needles come in boxes of of 100 high quality needles and are available in multiple gauge sizes to fit a wide range of users.
$20.99 or subscribe and save 10%


You may be wondering how TRUEplus was rated 10 out 10. Here are some features responsible for the high ratings.
  • Comfort – No burrs or surface imperfections on needle – Silicone coated
  • Safety – Thin wall for smooth insulin flow – Sterile, single-use needles
  • Ease-of-Use – clear cap with secondary color coded cap allows for size recognition – compatible thread provides attachment to most pen injector devices


As with many pen needles one deciding factor is compatibility. When choosing your insulin pen needles you always want to make sure they are compatible with your insulin delivery pen device. TRUEplus pen needles are compatible with most Insulin delivery devices including:
  • ßyetta Pen
  • Omnican Pen 31
  • Omnican Pen 32
  • BerliPen 301
  • BerliPen 302
  • BerliPen areo
  • BerliPen areo2
  • BerliPen JUNIOR
  • BerliPen PRECISION
  • HumaPen MEMOIR
  • HumaPen L U X U R A
  • HumaPen L U X U R A HD
  • HumaPen E r g o
  • HumaPen E r g o II
  • Humalog KwikPen
  • Humulin N Pen
  • HumaPen savvio
  • i-pen
  • NovoPen 4
  • NovoPen 3
  • NovoPen Junior
  • NovoPen Echo
  • FlexPen
  • FlexTouch
  • Victoza pre-filled pen
  • NovoLet
  • OptiPen Pro1
  • OptiPen Pro2
  • TactiPen
  • ClikSTAR
  • SoloStar
  • i-pen
  • Autopen Classic
  • AutoPen 24
  • ypsopen
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