The Owen Mumford Autopen insulin delivery pen should be your strongest consideration when evaluating insulin solutions. The most significant advantage being reusability, this pen delivers predefined insulin dosages accurately every time, and with minimal force. This makes repeated insulin cartridge delivery not cumbersome at all, improving manageability of both: diabetes and the treatment.

There are certain other highly particularized advantages to using the product over it’s competitors. Prominently, the Owen Mumford Autopen insulin delivery pen employs a side activation mechanism which enables easier injections and stable handling. This translates into minimal force needed to deliver medicine, making the product suitable for all ages.

Another salient feature is the highly evolved dose selector, making for accurate dosage even in amateur hands. The feature comes with audio feedback built in, further assisting patients with the process.

Autopen Models

Finally, the Owen Mumford Autopen insulin delivery pen guarantees a near universal fit with most pen needles. The pen is available in two models. The Autopen 24 intended for use with SANOFI insulin cartridges and the classic version, to be used with the Lilly and the Wockhardt insulin cartridges.

Depending upon your requirements, you could choose between the Classic 1-21 or the Classic 2-42. The Autopen is manufactured in the United Kingdom to rigorous quality and performance standards. However, there are certain universal guidelines with Autopens that also apply here.

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Priming the Autopen is extremely important before use, to ensure that the dose is accurate. Pen needles are single use and must be discarded afterwards or your pen may become blocked affecting dosage accuracy. The internal plunger must be rewound correctly to ensure no damage to the Autopen. Finally, a dose should only be dialed when a cartridge is present within the holder and the dose selector should never be dialed back.

Your Autopen comes with everything you may need to get started, apart from of course the insulin. There are three Unifine Pentips pen needles included along with a release button extension, the dose selector adaptor, a soft pouch and instructions. The whole pack weighs under 5 oz!

the Owen Mumford Autopen insulin delivery pen may just be what you were looking for. Here is where to get some!

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