Something befitting has been done to Unifine Pentips pen needles as they are now made smaller, and that’s what setting the Owen Mumford Unifine Pentips Plus Pen Needles 33G x 4mm from the rest – it’s the world’s shortest pen needle.

If you have administered insulin using the Unifine Pentips Plus 32G x 4mm you’re well familiar with the amazing features that this pen needles has to offer. Unifine Pentips Plus pen needles feature SafetyClick, OptiFlow and DiamondPoint technologies designed to deliver lower penetration and glide force for a more comfortable injection experience.

What’s Different in 33G x 4mm?

In addition to the amazing aforementioned features the Unifine Pentips Plus 33g is 10% slimmer than 32G and has about 30% less penetration force. This simply means more comfortable, less painful injections.

The World’s Shortest Pen Needles

At 33 gauge with slimmer needles and less penetration force, these needles happen to be the shortest insulin-pen needles that you can find. Besides, they also happen to be the world’s very first integrated pen needle system, maintaining the quality standards that Owen Mumford products are known for. They even feature an integrated needle removal chamber, adding to the safety and ease in usage.

There is, After All, Such a Thing as a Safe Injection

Experts will tell you this. When using injection pens, if you are able to immediately dispose off the pen needle once the injection has been completed, you have already won half the battle. A new, replacement needle should be deployed only when you are ready to inject once again. This appears like a lot of needle work and it is. Perhaps to help simplify this process, the various aspects involved herein have been made as straightforward as possible. In fact, scientific studies demonstrate that the Owen Mumford Unifine Pentips Plus Pen Needles 33G help promote needle change. In turn, this helps lower complications and risks associated with the reuse of needles.

Safe Click

The safe click technology makes it super easy to know when used needles make their way into the locking chamber. This makes needle disposal on the go convenient.

Have no concerns! Most mainstream makes and models of diabetes injection pens are compatible with Unifine Pentips Plus.

In all, using the Owen Mumford Unifine Pentips Plus Pen Needles makes for a highly comfortable experience. Pentips Plus 33G x 4mm is the new standard in insulin injections when it comes to quality, safety, and comfort. Try them for yourself and you will be a believer.

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