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The Owen Mumford Unifine Pentips PLUS 4MM x 33G that are highlighted to be the world’s shortest and finest needles are now available for purchase. The Unifine Pentips Plus has a built-in pen needle remover for safer and easier disposal. This pen needle includes a removal chamber built into its disposable casing, designed to hold the used pen needle until it can be disposed of safely. Experts state that using these needles is the safest, most accurate method when completing an injection for immediate removal of the insulin pen needle. Not to mention, 86% of users stated the Owen Mumford Unifine Pentips Plus was easier to use than their previous method of injection.


  • The built-in remover holds used pen needle until it can be disposed of in a sharps container

Unifine Pentips Plus features a built-in removal chamber, designed to make pen needle removal easier, safer, and more convenient. These needles are raved about for their ease-of-use and convenience through its targeted design features. Unifine® Pentips® Plus features an ergonomic shape ideal for those with dexterity issues.

  • Encourages more frequent needle changing behavior, potentially lowering the risks associated with pen needle reuse

The reuse of needles has long been linked to medical complications including tissue microtrauma, embedded needle tips, and greater incidence of lipodystrophy. Many insulin-dependent people fail to remove pen needles from their injection pen between injections which can result in insulin leakage and crystallization, which can impact the insulin dosage. By encouraging more frequent pen needle changing behavior, Unifine Pentips Plus is designed to improve patient compliance during self-injection.

  • DiamondPoint Technology™ and anti-coring treatment a low penetration force

Coring happens after you insert a needle through the stopper of a medication vial and a small piece of the stopper shear’s off.  It can sometimes be noticed floating on the liquid medication. With DiamondPoint Technology™, coring is extremely unlikely to occur. This will help with the quality and longevity of your insulin.

  • Electropolished and treated with advanced silicone for exceptional comfort

The advanced silicone will help with the delivery of the needle into the skin. The silicone’s purpose is to create a slippery insertion

  • OptiFlow® Technology for improved drug flow and low delivery force
  • Ergonomic design preferred by those with dexterity issues


Universal Fit

Works with all major brand injection pens.

Broad Range of Sizes

Offered in a broad range of sizes to meet all patient needs and preferences: 4mm x 33G, 4mm x 32G, 5mm x 31G, 6mm x 31G, 8mm x 31G, 12mm x 29G

Comprehensive Coverage

Reasonable for pay out of pocket patients. Also covered under most insurance plans.

Made in England

Manufactured to rigorous standards for exceptional quality and performance.

Final words

Unifine Pentips Plus offers hope to health care professionals and their patients in helping to achieve better results, and more stable blood glucose levels. The largest attribute to this being that it encourages frequent needle change after injection. A good injection routine can help to lower the risk of complications associated with needle reuse.

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