Unistrip Glucose Test Strips 50 count

Unistrip glucose test strips are for use with OneTouch Ultra, OneTouch Ultra2, OneTouch UltraMini, and OneTouch UltraSmart glucose meters to quantitatively measure the glucose levels in fresh capillary whole blood samples.

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UniStrip blood glucose test strip is a leading generic alternative to the OneTouch Ultra test strips. With Unistrip you can get accurate readings at much lower costs. Unistrip test strips work with the world’s most accurate meters – OneTouch. The capillary action automatically draws the blood sample into the test strip. UniStrips test strips are approved for alternate site testing. The glucose oxidase technology allows for safer and precise readings.


  • Exclusively for use with OneTouch Ultra, OneTouch Ultra2, OneTouch UltraMini, and OneTouch UltraSmart meters
  • Delivers Accurate and Fast Results
  • Allows alternate site testing (AST) from the fingertip
  • Ideal for patients pay out of pocket
  • Affordable glucose tests strips: Unistrip1 test strips cost users less than most managed care organization’s co-pays
  • Designed for home monitoring of glucose levels at at home.
  • Available in box of 50 strips

You may use the Unistrip Control Solution to check that your meter and test strips are working correctly. It is important that you carry out this simple check regularly. For precise instructions please check the UniStrip  manual provided in the test strips box.


Alternate Site Testing (AST)

Unistrip glucose test strips allow alternate site testing (AST) from the fingertip, palm and/or the forearm. (Use of palm AST is not to be done with OneTouch Ultra meter). Alternative site testing with Unistrip should only be done during steady-state times (when glucose is not changing rapidly).

Operation conditions

  • Operating Temperature 43 -111 F or 6 – 44 C
  • Storage Temperature 39 – 86 F or 4 – 30 C (Do Not Freeze)
  • Relative Humidity 10-90%
  • Strip Vial Open Altitude (10,000 feet) 3,275 meters

How to take care of your Unistrip test strips

  • Store your Unistrip glucose test strips vial in a cool dry place. Do NOT freeze.
  • Keep your Unistrip test strips away from direct sunlight, heat, cold, or moisture (water).
  • Failure to follow storage may result in wrong readings.

How to handle your Unistrip glucose test strips

  • Do not take a Unistrip test strip out of the test strip vial until you are ready to use it.
  • Close the Unistrip diabetes test strip vial tightly as soon are you remove a test strip. Use each test strip right away after you remove it from the vial.
  • Do Not use Unistrip diabetic test strips that are damaged, wet, or bent. Do not bend, cut or alter the strip in any way.
  • You may touch the Unistrip1 testing strip on its surface with clean dry hands.

Disposal of your Unistrip glucose test strips

  • Do Not return the used Unistrip test strip to the vial.
  • Used test strips may be considered biohazardous waste in your area. Be sure to follow your healthcare professional’s recommendations for proper disposal.

Accuracy of results with Unistrip

  • Make sure your meter and Unistrip1 test strips are about the same temperature before you initiate the test.
  • You may not have correct readings if your strips are left in the heat, cold or get wet.
  • Unistrip Test Strips are for single use only. Never reuse a test strip that had blood or control solution applied to it.

Use the new Unistrip test strips

Unistrip has recently revamped their line with a new packaging. The new Unistrip packaging appears to be slightly different than the old one. Make sure you’re using the latest version.

(127) $14.99 or subscribe and save 10%

UniStrip Control Solution

The Unistrip control solution is a desired aqueous glucose solution for verifying the accuracy of the UniStrip1 blood glucose test Strips. Unistrip1 control solution ensures that your meter and test strips are working together properly. The product contains a known amount of glucose that reacts with the glucose test trips.

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When to Perform a UniStrip Control Solution Test

Unistrip control solution can be used to ensure accurate results with Unistrip test strips and to verify that your meter and strips are working correctly. The system is performing correctly if the control solution test result falls within the specific control solution range listed on your test strip vial.

It is generally recommended to use Unistrip control solution on a regular basis, specially

  • with each new vial of blood glucose test strips
  • after changing meter batteries
  • if you suspect your meter is delivering false results.
  • before using your glucose monitoring system for the first time
  • if the test strip vial has been left open or exposed to extreme heat, cold or humanity.

Is there any other alternative test strips to OneTouch other than Unistrip?

Yes, GenUltimate is also another generic brand for use with OneTouch meters. Despite their similar features Unistrip test strips and GenUltimate test strips have a few differences.

* Content and information on this page is intended for informational and educational purposes only, and does NOT constitute any medical professional advice.

Disclaimer. The content, information, and links on this page are intended for informational and educational purposes only, and does NOT constitute any medical professional advice.

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