Unlike Type I diabetes where pancreas does not produce enough insulin, Type II diabetes or commonly known as adult diabetes or non-insulin dependent diabetes is a condition in which the pancreas produces insulin but it does not perform well. Unlike Type I diabetes, people with Type II diabetes can sometimes take pills that are not insulin.

People with Type II can manage their diabetes with proper exercise and diet. Eating healthy food and exercising leading to a healthier lifestyle often results in better managed Type II diabetes.

What Are The Common Symptoms of Type II Diabetes?

The most common symptoms of are:

    1. Frequent urination
    2. Constant thirst
    3. weight loss
    4. Feeling very hungry
    5. Fatigue and weakness
    6. Blurred vision
    7. Cuts and bruises that are slow to heal

It’s evident that people with Type II diabetes can have symptoms so mild that are often hard to notice.

What Causes Type II Diabetes?

Type II diabetes is commonly occurred among adults over age of 40.  Type 2 diabetes has mostly to do with genetics. It is to some extent inherited. It is also evident that Type II diabetes is linked with obesity and lack of exercise. It’s often referred to as the “disease of life-styles.” Proper exercise schedule and an active life-style are crucial to managing Type II diabetes.

Unlike Type I diabetes, Type II diabetes does not occur because of immune system’s self-allergy response. Thus, Islet Cell Antibodies or ICAs are not found in the blood.

Individuals with Type II may can have normal or high insulin levels. However, the insulin does not work well because body gets desensitized to insulin.

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