I’m always intrigued by the phrases people search online when purchasing or seeking information about glucose testing supplies. They are so meaningful. These search terms allow me to look for new insights that otherwise I would not be able to discover. Among all the things I can discover my favorite is identifying new trends resulting from a change in the market.

Just last week I discovered a search phrase that seems to be fairly popular these days. I found this search phrase and its variations interesting. The popular phrase is “where can I buy test strips?” Here are some of the common variations of this phrase:

  • Where can I buy Bayer Contour glucose test strips?
  • Where can I buy Bayer Contour NEXT glucose test strips?
  • Where can I buy Bayer Breeze2 glucose test strips?
  • Where can I buy TrueTest glucose test strips?
  • Where can I buy TrueTrack glucose test strips?
  • Where can I buy TrueBalance glucose test strips?
  • Where can I buy Accu-Chek Compact glucose test strips?
  • Where can I buy Accu-Chek Aviva Plus glucose test strips?
  • Where can I buy FreeStyle glucose test strips?
  • Where can I buy OneTouch glucose test strips?

Users Prefer Online Purchase

The above phrases are mostly searched by users who seem to be searching online for glucose test strips for the first time. These phrases have grown in popularity which indicates there is a mass of users who are moving away from buying glucose test strips at their local store such as Rite Aid, CVS, or Walmart. They are becoming aware of online savings and therefore transitioning from offline to online.

The main reason for this noticeable transition is simply the price difference. You can order glucose test strips online for almost 60% off retail. With online, you may not have the convenience of same day pickup, but you can save a lot more time and money by simply avoiding the extra trip to the store. The good news is you can plan your purchase ahead of the time so that you won’t run out of glucose test strips.

With an online purchase, it may take a week or more for your test strips to arrive – not to mention the shipping cost which can often get pricey. However, the wait and the shipping cost are still well worth it because you will end up saving more.

Free Shipping is a Big Help!

Almost all online diabetic supply stores that sell cheap glucose test strips have shipping costs. The only place you can buy discounted glucose test strips with FREE SHIPPING is Diabetic Outlet.  At Diabetic Outlet, you will get not only discounted glucose test strips but also free shipping. You can call it a double discount.

Where NOT to Buy Glucose Test Strips Online?

I’m always suspicious when I see glucose test strips at prices well below the market. A common example of this scenario is Amazon where outdated or unauthorized test strips are sold at extremely low prices by sellers you will never know. Just because a test strips is cheap does not mean it’s safe to buy. Always look for places where you can verify the seller.

Another place you want to stay away from is Craigslist. This is a common place for unauthorized users to resell expired or second-hand test strips. I often see ads on Craigslist where individuals attempt to sell their leftover or close-to-expired test strips online.

Diabetes Test Strips Available At Diabetic Outlet Store

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