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(3) $6.99 or subscribe and save 5%
(2) $18.99 or subscribe and save 5%

Advocate PetTest Twist Top Lancets 21G 50 count box

ADVOCATE offers a complete range of quality lancets to ensure that accurate blood samples can be obtained with any type of coat, quickly, easily and consistently.

Advocate PetTest Twist Top lancets are sterile, disposable devices used to obtain a blood sample. Advocate PetTest lancets ensure that accurate blood samples can be obtained quickly, easily and consistently. Advocate PetTest lancets are manufactured with the greatest degree of precision. The tri-beveled tip enhances user comfort and reduces tissue damage. Always giving consistent depth penetration, the PetTest lancets fit almost all lancing devices.


  • Fine Gauge Tri-bevel Tip for Better Comfort
  • Compatible with Most Lancing Devices
  • 21G for Better Sampling on Dogs and Cats
  • Use with Virtually ANY Lancing Device

Advocate PetTest lancets work best with Advocate PetTest Lancing device and with just about any lancing device.

(3) $6.99 or subscribe and save 5%

How to Save on Your ADVOCATE PetTest Lancets

The best way to save on your ADVOCATE PetTest Lancets is to take advantage of our quantity discounts. Visit the ADVOCATE PetTest Lancets page here and look for the quantity discounts table. The formula is simple: the more you buy the more discount you get.


ADVOCATE Pet Test Lancets Free Shipping

Enjoy free shipping when you order your ADVOCATE PetTest lancets from Diabetic Outlet. Simply add your pet lancets to cart and choose our free shipping. Use our straightforward and secure checkout to complete your purchase without having to pay for shipping fees. We have plenty of the ADVOCATE PetTest lancets in stock ready for shipping. You diabetic Pet Test lancets will ship out on same day the order is received at no shipping cost.

Bundle & Save Even More

Here is the best part, you can also bundle your ADVOCATE PetTest lancets with other PetTest accessories and save even more. Take a look at the bundles options below to see which package best fits your need:

Advocate PetTest Safety Lancets 21G 50 count

ADVOCATE PetTest Safety Lancets are single-use automatic lancing devices for blood sampling in all cats and dogs and are an excellent alternative to the traditional lancing device. Simply twist off the top, press the end to the site. The spring-loaded needle automatically penetrates to the indicated depth and retracts for total safety.


  • Single Use, Self Contained Lancing Solution
  • Ready to Use
  • No loading needed
  • Excellent for Difficult Sampling Situations
  • Needle Automatically Retracts
  • 21G for All Dogs and Cats
  • Pressure Activated
(2) $18.99 or subscribe and save 5%
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