What do you get when you give 2 crazy cats a website and lots of discounted diabetic supplies to sell with free shipping? Well, a different diabetic outlet!


Our cats!

Our competitors try to copy just about every unique thing we do, but they just cannot copy our cats!

Diabetic Outlet isn’t just another online store on the block. Brought to you furr-n-purr guaranteed, we sniff-piff the best diabetes products and deliver them to you with fun free of any shipping fee stink.

We think shopping at Diabetic Outlet is the cat’s meow.

your GO-TO kind of shop

Diabetic Outlet is your one-stop shop for all diabetic supplies including test strips, meters, lancets, and many more. We have a large selection of discounted diabetes supplies and medical products.


Free Shipping & Fast Processing 

FAST is the key to our success. We want to make sure we process your orders as fast as possible and ship it to your door. And we won’t rest until you receive your supplies on-time.

We process and ship a lot of orders on the same day sometimes very late because that’s what we do. Frankly we don’t have anything else to do.

Discounted Prices

We are constantly working around the clock to make sure we provide the best prices to our customer. Our mission is to make sure the uninsured and underinsured customers receive their diabetic supplies at lowest prices possible.

For us Penny is on the dollar.

Large Selection

We have hundreds of diabetic supplies to choose from. At Diabetic Outlet, you can enjoy easy and secure shopping, unmatchable savings, and bundles of glucose testing supplies at just a click. Select from our most trusted brands to innovative products you never heard of before.

We are always on the hunt for that next revolutionary product that brings a bit of comfort to people battling diabetes. That’s the cat’s pijamas.

Great Customer Service

Along with the best brand name diabetic supplies at lowest prices, Diabetic Outlet provides superior customer service to tackle any issues or questions you may have.

Our customer service is here to help you with all your questions as long as you contact us during our normal business hours outside our nap time.


Diabetic Outlet is a home to creativity, quality and the unexpected. We are one cat away from being a crazy cat house. Why don’t you join us?

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