Nipro blood glucose test strips – TrueTest, TrueTrack and TrueBalance – are made by the manufacturer Nipro Diagnostics. Due to the reasons we’re going to discuss here Nipro test strips are widely used by individuals with diabetes for monitoring their glucose levels at home.

Though TRUEtest, TRUEtrack and TRUEtest blood glucose test strips have some slight differences, they look very similar. They are all feature rich in many ways and share several advantages. The key advantages include:

AFFORDABILITY: Perhaps the most important benefit of Nipro test strips is affordability. Nipro TrueTest, TreuTrack and TrueBalance are some of the most inexpensive and yet reliable test strips available in the market. Nipro test strips are highly competitive to the leading test strip brands.

RELIABILITY: Nipro glucose test strips when used properly with their perspective meters deliver clinically proven results. During an independent clinical study, 99% of first time users obtained clinically reliable results. Nipro glucose monitoring systems including TRUEResult (uses TrueTest test strips), TRUE2Go (uses TrueTest test strips), TRUETrack (uses TrueTrack test strips), and TRUEBalance (uses TrueBalance test strips) are accurate and affordable. Additionally, Nipro Diagnostics offers free a diabetes management software called True Manager to download and store test results. [/su_service]

SUPPORT: Nipro Diagnostics offers a comprehensive 24/7 customer support team called TRUE Care to assist users with any technical problems they may have using Nipro glucose monitoring systems.

POPULARITY: Due to all the reasons mentioned above, Nipro test strips are widely used by individuals with diabetes around the world.  This is a testament to the high performance and quality of the Nipro test strips.

AVAILABILITY OF INFORMATION: As mention in the last point, millions of users around the world are using Nipro glucose monitoring systems to measure their glucose levels at home. This means there is plenty of information available regarding the usage, advantages, and disadvantages of Nipro TrueTest, TreuTrack and TrueBalance test strips. Availability of information is often vital to proper diabetes management using a home glucose monitoring system. The more information is available about a certain system the easier users can access resources regarding a specific issue.

Keep in mind that TRUEtest, TRUEtrack and TRUEbalance blood glucose test strip boxes look almost identical, thus making them difficult to tell apart. TRUEtest, TRUEtrack and TRUEbalance strips will only work in their respective glucose meters, so you must know which type of test strip your meter is compatible with.

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