Nipro TRUEtrack test strips are for use with Nipro TRUEtrack glucose meter to quantitatively measure the glucose levels in fresh capillary whole blood samples. The TRUEtrack test strips will NOT work with other Nipro glucose monitoring systems – ONLY with TRUEbalance glucose meter.

Nipro TRUEtrack test strips require a small blood sample and deliver accurate results. TRUEtrack test strips feature patented TRUEfill technology that allows for precise entry of blood sample.

Nipro TRUEtrack have proven clinical accuracy and now are more affordable than many other brands. Most importantly, they make testing easy. And, they are used by the TRUEtrack glucose monitoring system, offering you the ultimate convenience whether you’re at home or on the go.

TRUEtrack test strips are made by Trividia Heal – leading manufacturer of diabetic and medical supplies – and are available under the brand Nipro.


  • For use with TRUEtrack glucose monitoring system
  • Innovative TRUEfill beveled tip design allows for precise entry of blood sample
  • Small, one microliter blood sample
  • Costs up to 30% less than competitors
  • Clinically proven accuracy –100% of first time users obtained clinically accurate results


According to TRUEtrack user manual, to ensure the most accurate results with your Nipro TRUEtrack test strips:

  • Read all instructions before testing.
  • TRUEtrack is an in vitro (outside body) quantitative system that is used for self-testing and point-of-care (bedside) testing of human whole blood only.
  • Check Codes. Code in Meter Display must match Code on vial of TRUEtrack Test Strips being used and Code Number printed on Code Chip.
  • Meter displays results as plasma values.
  • Use only TRUEtrack Test Strips and TRUEcontrol Control Solution with TRUEtrack Meter.
  • Do not use for diagnosis of diabetes or for testing blood glucose in newborns.
  • The TRUEtrack is recommended for testing of human capillary whole blood only. TRUEtrack is not recommended for use with venous samples.
  • Perform Quality Control Testing before performing a blood test for the first time.

Note. use at least 2 levels of Control for quality control testing:

  • Set date and time for correct Morning Average values.
  • When using the meter for the first time, check the unit of measure in the meter Display after performing a control or blood test. Result must display in the correct unit of measure (mg/dL).
  • If the result does not display in the correct unit of measure, DO NOT use the meter and DO NOT use the meter result to determine treatment.

Importnat TRUEtrack test strips information

According to TRUEtrack user manual, you should pay attention to the following warnings when using the True Track blood glucose test strips:

  • NEVER reuse your Nipro TRUEtrack Test Strips.
  • NEVER wipe the True Track Test Strips with water, alcohol or any cleaner.
  • DO NOT attempt to remove blood or control sample from the TRUEtrack Glucose Test Strips or clean Test Strips and re-use. Reuse of Test Strips will cause inaccurate results.
  • NEVER add a second drop of sample to Strip. Adding more sample gives an error message.
  • The TRUEtrack Blood Glucose Monitoring System is for one person use ONLY. DO NOT share your Meter or your Lancing Device with anyone, including family members. DO NOT use on more than one person. ALL parts of your Blood Glucose Monitoring System could carry blood-borne diseases after use, even after cleaning and disinfection.

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Nipro TRUEtrack Bundles

To save on your TRUEtrack test strips and other supplies, take advantage of the following bundles:

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